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  • Co-branded Keychain Lights
    ThruNite Ti2 is the customized edition light with THE OUTSIDER. Subscribe THRUNITE YouTube Channel and get a Ti2 for just cost of shipping.
  • Perfect Size
    ThruNite Ti2 LED flashlight is lightweight and small enough to fit in your hand. It weighs only 7.2g ( not including AAA 900mAh battery).
  • Shockproof and Waterproof
    The Ti2 is made with Premium type III hard-anodized surface finish and can withstand impacts of 1 meter. It's also IPX8 rated and allows use in heavy rain and snow.
  • Great in Any Circumstance
    Ready for all occasions! The Ti2 can help in an emergency, walking, hiking, camping, earthquakes, storms, floods, outdoors and indoors.
  • Brightness
    This mini keychain flashlight can light up to 120 lumens max output with up to a 45 meter beam distance.
  • Convenient Using
    Simply twist the head to use or clip on your cap as a head light.
Operation Instructions
  • Turn on /off
    Easily twist the head to turn on / off the light. Tighten the head for on and loosen for off.
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3 Reviews

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    Rechargeable AAA

    Posted by Steve Waller on 18th Feb 2021

    My first ThruNite light is the Outsider Ti2 from the current flash sale. When it arrived, I grabbed a couple of AAA batteries out of the desk drawer, one alkaline and one rechargeable. Both worked fine, so I left the rechargeable in it. Meanwhile other purchasers on a deals forum reported that their lights didn't work with a rechargeable, so I reached into my drawer for more batteries. There was one Eneloop and it didn't work in the light. I tested the battery and it was charged. The battery I originally used in my Ti2 was a Ladda (from Ikea). I had 3 more Laddas in the drawer. One worked, two didn't. I took Ladda batteries out of 2 mice, and they both worked (presumably not fully charged).

    One user reported that both of his Ti2 lights (just arrived from the flash sale) didn't work with Duracell, Eneloop, and Rayovac nimh 1.2v batteries.

    So what's up? Is this a known issue with the Ti2? Is it an issue with other ThruNite lights?

    PS, when's the next flash sale?

  • 2
    Ti2 Green

    Posted by Jon on 8th Feb 2021

    Honestly disappointed in Thrunite, a first. Own several lights, Archer V3's, T01`s, Ti3`s. There are times when a company makes changes to provide a better product and when changes are made with only profits in mind, this is 100% the latter. All other Thrunite lights I own have a quality "feel"; design, material, and value. These do not have any of those. Dollar store cheap, and nothing more. No; knurling, pocket clip, spare o-ring, standard key ring, and a cardboard box instead of tin. T01 had all of these. First thought the light was defective, turns out I have to tighten the cap with excessive force to get light to turn on, even though the spring is under tension even before engaging treads. Bring back T01`s, i`ll gladly pay extra for shipping for a better product. Before anyone thinks "you get what you pay for" or "it's so cheap why does it matter" well to that I say I bought the Ti3`s for the same price. Thrunite set the bar high and then decided to go below it. Will be wary and more skeptical of my future thrunite purchases.

  • 4
    Good keychain flashlight

    Posted by Marcus Izzo on 30th Jan 2021

    I been getting these and giving away to friends, love the green version, do ish it had a lower mode like 15 lumens but that is ok.it is more compact then ti3v2 (of which I have many) the CW does have a slight blue hue but not terrible, prefer ti3 CW tint better, it has a nice wide hot spot with good range. My only grip with the ti2 is it will not take ni-MH batteries, alkaline or primary lithium only work, tried all brands of ni-MH too, from eneloop to Energizer, no go. But other then that all is good. On/off with a twist is positive and consistent, finish seems durable and should hold up well. Thrunite is among my favorite brands, in my top 3.