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Where is the item shipped?

Every item you order on will be shipped from the USA. We store our inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers and have Amazon ship orders to our customers.

What is the order fulfillment average?

ThruNite will handle the orders of the day within 24 hours and place Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders on Amazon. You will get an email with the tracking information once Amazon has shipped the item out, usually in 2-3 days. Usually, you will get the item in 4-5 days after the shipment. So, our order fulfillment average is about 7 days. Due to COVID-19, unexpected delays may happen sometimes. If you didn’t get the item within 7 days, you can contact us at for more information.

Why haven’t I received my package?

There are several possible reasons for failing to receive an item:

1. Your address may be wrong. To save us from any confusion, please make sure there is no typographical error in the address and postcode. If there is a typo, our staff will have to check and revise it manually. This may result in a shipping delay. If the item is shipped to the wrong address before our manual inspection, you may not get the item in time. If that happens, please contact us at for further assistance. And the address should be a street address.

2. Currently is open to USA customers only. So, if you are outside the USA and place an order as a USA customer, we will not handle the order as we do not have inventory there. We will provide you with a full refund. If the model you ordered is available in the Amazon warehouse in your country, we will arrange the shipment as normal. But to save us from any confusion, please buy the flashlight on Amazon if you are outside the USA.

3. The flashlight you ordered is out of stock. If the flashlight in the Amazon warehouse is out of stock upon sale, we will be unable to fulfill the order for a while and will contact you ASAP. You can choose to wait until we refill our stock or ask for a refund.

4. The payment did not go through. This seldom happens but please check the status of your payment after you make it.

What’s the Warranty Service Policy?


2. 24 Months REPLACEMENT

3. Lifetime Limited Warranty

For more details, please visit:

What if my flashlight doesn’t work?

Please contact our customer service:

Our customer service will help you within 24 hours on workdays.

What if the discount code doesn’t work?

1. Please check if it is in the valid period first.

2. Please contact or leave a message for help. We will reply within 24 hours on workdays.

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