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  • Catapult Pro Desert Tan

    Catapult Pro Desert Tan

    Features Ultra Long ThrowMax 2713 Lumens flashlight SFT70 LED Bulb provides bright light, easily light up to 1005 meters/ 1099 yards.Equipped with a smooth and large reflector, the Catapult Pro has a ultra long throw, perfect for outdoor...
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  • TH02 Red Outsider

    TH02 Red Outsider

    Features OUTSIDER COLLECTIONSTH02 Red is THRUNITE’s the latest co-branded version headlamp with influencer - THE OUTSIDER. ULTRA BRIGHT HEADLAMPMax 1500 lumens flashlight with highly efficient CREE XHP50 LED bulb producing an intense beam...
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  • TT20 Red The Outsider

    TT20 Red The Outsider

    Features Tactical DesignDual swtich control. Long press the side switch to activate the stepless dimming. This allows you to adjust the light to the exact level you need. Single click the tactical tail switch to access to turbo mode directly to...
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  • Only CW Available

    TC15 V3 DT The Outsider

    Features CO-BRANDED VERSION FLASHLIGHTTC15 DT is our customized edition light with influencer - THE OUTSIDER. If you happen to be one of his fans, go and grab one for yourself. EXTREME OUTPUTPowered by a CREE XHP 35 LED the TC15 produces up to...
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