T1 Dark Green

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    Max 1500 lumens flashlight CREE XHP50 LED bulb producing an intense beam of bright light up to 335 ft / 102 m.
    Hands-free use with magnetic tailcap, dual direction clip, perfect for any hands free mechanic work.
    Firefly/ Turbo/ Strobe and stepless dimming modes.Long press side switch to activate stepless dimming, choose your desired brightness freely.
    Powered by an included rechargeable 1100mAh Lithium-ion Battery.Built-in USB charging port and cable and no extra new battery will be needed. It will remind you to charge when battery voltage is low.
    Compact design fits comfortably in your pocket, backpack, 1.6oz in weight, 2.7 inch in length.
Operation Instructions
  • Turn on /off
    Press the side switch to turn the light on/off.
  • Change modes
    With the light is on, long press the switch to circle through infinity high and infinity low. Shortcut to firefly: When the light is off, press and hold the side switch for 1 second to get firefly mode. Double click to turn to turbo from any mode. Triple click to get strobe.
  • Memory Function
    The light will turn on in the last mode used, except firefly, turbo and strobe.
  • Recharging Function
    The max charging current is 500mA. During charging, the indicator is RED. After being fully charged, the indicator will be BLUE. When indicator flashes purple, it means abnormal charging. Only firefly and low modes are available while charging.
  • Lock/Unlock
    Under the lockout mode, press and hold the side switch for 3 seconds to unlock the flashlight. When the flashlight is off, press and hold the side switch for 1 second to enter firefly mode. Under firefly mode, press and hold the side switch for 3 seconds to access the lockout mode.
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    My second T1

    Posted by mike prettyman on 25th Apr 2021

    As you probably noticed, this is my second T1. If I didn't like them I wouldn't have purchased a second.

    1. The size is great for pocket carry and it has a switch lockout so it won't come on of it bumps something in your pocket, jacket, bugout bag, whatever.
    2. USB charging is great. I don't have to keep feeding it forever.
    3. The tail magnet is great. It's strong enough to hold it in basically any position under the hood, a wheel well, just about anywhere you'd need both hands and alumination.
    4. I really like the step-less intensity. No depending on low, medium, high to dictate how bright your light is for a given situation. You get exactly the amount of light you want.

    So far I have 2 of these, some Ti2s, and a Catapult. I hope to be adding to my small collection soon.

  • 5

    Posted by angel prats on 22nd Apr 2021

    I was impressed right from the start! The T1 fits and feels great in your hand, magnetic tail cap is a plus, IPX-8(2M), 1.5 meter impact resistant and rechargeable all at a great price. The T1 is very bright, more of a flood light which can light up a room or anything around you. I really enjoyed the packaging and the color of my Dark Green T1. Thrunite's T1 Awesome light at a great price.

  • 4
    A lot of light in a little package

    Posted by Jimmy on 18th Aug 2020

    I really was impressed with how bright this light was.The charge lasted a lot longer than I was expecting too. I work in property management so I am always need a good light. I would highly recommend it.

  • 5
    T1 is Great Light

    Posted by LFIFE on 6th Aug 2020

    First thing to know about Thrunite flashlights is don’t loan them out (you wont get it back because they will like it too much). Happened to my T30 I had for years. I bought the Thrunite T1 to carry in my tablet case In case I needed something brighter than my TiS that I have carried on my key ring till the blue anodizing has worn off. The beam pattern for the T1 is a good balance between spot and flood which makes it good for close use like walking at night. While testing the runtime on high I found that it became pretty hot (120 F at the head and 105 F at the body). Of course this might be useful on cold evening walks. The runtime on high for me was 60 min. The magnetic tail cap makes it useful for work under the hood of the car. I like that Thrunite send extras of parts that wear or get lost such as the O rings and the USB charging port cover. The double sided clip allows it to be clipped to your pocket or I have clipped it to the bill of a cap. The flash light is light enough that it doesn’t weigh down the cap. I like the T1 a lot. I now have to decide which Thrunite to get to replace my T30.

  • 5
    Amazing product and amazing customer service

    Posted by Daniel Gonzalez on 28th Jul 2020

    So 2 months ago I stumbled into the flashlight community on reddit. The t1 was on the list for a good EDC 18650 battery. So I visit the page and they have a flash sale going on. My gf is asking my in the hell I am spending 30 USD on a tiny flashlight. I try to explain to her the how its gonna be brighter than any of the Costco lights we purchased to no avail. The light comes in. The small form factor(its so cuuute!!-my gf) and its ability to be extremely bright sells her over. She's in for one.

    Two nights ago I decide I am outfitting all 3 of my siblings with the T1 for their bdays. I put it off longer than I should and in my haste to place my order I forget to add the code. I send a quick email and within 24 hours when I go check my emails they have already refunded me the discount I would have gotten with the flash sale code. Top service team with a great product at a great price.

    the light itself is amazing. It adds enough mass to my nite ize keychain so I don't misplace it, but is still compact to fit in my gym shorts, suit jacket pockets, etc. It's pretty floody for the small light that it is, and doesn't have a ton of throw, but still a lot for its size. The UI is great as far as different light settings.

  • 4
    Bright light in a small package.

    Posted by Ash on 18th Jul 2020

    The T1 is a well built flashlight, the workmanship on the build and threading give it a high quality feel. Button is crisp and easily distinguishable from the charging port. The UI is intuitive and quick to learn, and the stepless ramping is a big plus. It is impressively bright for its size, it gives a nice wide flood with a bright center lending itself well for walking and use as a task light. My only complaint about this light is the tint of the beam, in the neutral white option the center is as advertised, but the surrounding halo has an obvious blue tinting. It in no way impacts the usability of the light, simply something worth noting. Overall it is a good light at a good price point.